PT. Hasil Damai Textile (Hadtex)

PT.Hasil Damai Textile (Hadtex) - Jual PET Flakes dan Recycled PET Staple Fiber

Hadtex is committed to ensuring environmentally sustainable and responsible operations to achieve highest standards of excellence. Our manufacturing division is not only instituted internationally accepted Environmental Management System based on ISO-14001 but the major sites are also integrated with Quality Management based on ISO-9001.We continously standardise and upgrade system to reach our target of zero injuries and incident.We promote the safety and well-being of our employees through a multitude of programs, and we are committed to the sustainable development of society. Our sustainable business practices are based on integrity, communication & teamwork, efficient & productive, discipline, continous learning, reliable and satisfaction.We concern to the highest commitment for environmental regulations and best practice. We place priority on the need to preserve the environment our employees, local communities and society. Therefore, environmental becoming an essential part of the continuous improvement process in Hadtex. Minimizing waste,recycling and reusing efluents, monitoring and controlling quality of air emmisions, expanding green space as well as conducting environmental impact assessments and obtaining various environmental certifications are amongs the top environmental priorities in Hadtex.

Hadtex is determined to keep its environmental performance on high levels and stringently follows all international safety and protection regulations. Most of our plants are ISO 14001, 9001 certified.Our products have been tested against harmful substances by the international standard. Our textiles have been awarded the prestigious Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and GRS certification. The commitment of Hadtex for enviromental sustainability are one step ahead on our effort for zero waste production. We recycle our liquid waste using waste water treatment system. Water recycling involves the recovery or reclamation of water from wastewater for non-profitable use, which can be supplied back to the water system.

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